With over a decade of experience in the field of standardisation and certification, and extensive knowledge of stakeholder management, I can offer a range of services.

Certification Programme Selection

A structured analysis of certification requirements and available certification schemes. Exploration of the drives for certification and the expected benefits? Comparison of relevant schemes.

Tenders and Projects

Managing the development of research proposals by project consortia. Facilitating the delivery of tender proposals in time and in accordance with the requirements.

Leading the project or workpackages with a sense of the technical details, while keeping overall perspective of the project goals and coherence of the project.

New certification initiatives

Sector initiative or group of organisations looking to set up a certification programme, to achieve goals such as raising the performance of a sector or of a fiel of expertise.

Analysing the underlying goals and motives and translating it into an approach. Mapping the stakeholders and their positions and interests. Looking into existing options and determining the steps and efforts for the development of a certification programme.

Managing the development of a certification progamme, if necessary in association with specialised partners.

Certification scheme development

Development or revision of certification schemes for scheme owners. Reviewing schemes and benchmarking against international best-practices for scheme management and certification. Performing stakeholder- and market analysis for existing or new target audiences of the certification scheme. Managing the multistakeholder development process.

Policy shaping

Helping cities, regionsor provinces, shape theur ambitions in the field of circularity and sustainability. Translating ambitions in to concrete goals and actions.

Performing a structured analysis of stakeholders, mapping of strengths and opportunites for regional business ecosystem.

Identification of relevant policy actions to drive the market uptake of sustainable business initiatives and inovations.