Creating common ground to achieve extraordinary goals

Bringing together stakeholders with the most diverse interests and visions gives me a lot of energy. Not only do I find this very inspiring, it is also essential for innovations and change to come about. For important transitions, such as realizing the biobased and circular economy, I believe it is crucial that parties at the interface of research, industry and government work together. In projects I am the driving force that brings people together to achieve results collectively. I bring to the table my background in Business Administration (MSc, RSM, Erasmus University Rotterdam) and my experience in standardisation and certification processes at NEN, as well as my experience in IT- and management consultancy.


The type of projects I participate in are in the field of:

  • Applied research and innovation

  • Standards and certification

  • Stakeholder management

  • Knowledge development and dissemination

  • Vision and policy development

  • Harmonisation and consensus building

My contributions are aimed at:

Project Management

I have a broad experience as project leader of various types of projects and committees. Succesfull projects start with determining the common ground and shared goals of the participants. This lays the foundation for the creation of consensus and support for the final outcome of the process. A constructive process requires a mutual understanding for different views and opposing interests, clear process agreements and a shared awareness that results are reached by a process of giving and taking.


In addition, based on my academic background and field experience in many sectors, I do research on business themes, focusing on topics such as innovation, standardisation, certification and labelling. I enjoy the challenge of structuring complex topics in order to clarify them in publications and/or presentations.

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MSc in Business Administration, Management of Innovation, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

1997 – 2003

Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem

1991 - 1997